Metallica to Fill October 27 Voodoo Slot

You know it’s coming, so… Exit Green Day, enter Sandman.

(C’mon man, couldn’t resist, and it’s a Friday.)

The folks at Rehage Entertainment announced this afternoon a replacement for the October 27 headlining spot vacated by rehabbing Billie Joe Armstrong and co. earlier this week: veteran hard rockers Metallica. The Voodoo Music Experience gig will be their first local date since 2008 and their first New Orleans festival appearance.

A couple official statements, first up, from drummer Lars Ulrich:
“Our good friends and fellow Bay Area residents Green Day had to unfortunately cancel their plans to be there, so we are more than happy to fill in for them in our own unique way.  We’re hoping we can fill those very large shoes and do them proud.”

Glasses and mugging on.

Event producer Stephen Rehage addressed the last-minute scramble, barely two weeks to the fest’s October 26 bow in City Park.

“After a hectic few days — and sleepless nights — having Metallica, one of the world’s greatest bands agree to perform at VOODOO in the place of Green Day, only two weeks before the festival, feels pretty surreal at the moment — like being part of rock & roll history in the making… something you will tell your grandkids about years from now. We are incredibly grateful to Metallica and their management team for supporting us in this unprecedented manner. I am sure Metallica’s performance at Voodoo will be remembered for many years to come.”

Time to bust out the “Welcome Home (Sanitarium)” LP for those grandkids, people. This “One,” too.

Here’s hoping for a surprise Beavis and Butthead hologram appearance?