YouTube du Jour: My Graveyard Jaw


Keeping their wits in check while on a West Coast swing, recent Best of the Beat nominees My Graveyard Jaw recently stopped in at the Old Well record store in the mountain town of Julian California where they recored this video from their outdoor, in-store.

The group, led by songwriter/guitarist Michael James, labels its folk sound “haunting country,” and this performance of “Harvest the Moon,” from their recently released, limited edition EP captures that vibe to a tee. My Graveyard Jaw’s previous album, Coming Winds was named in OffBeat’s top Louisiana albums of 2011.

In addition to getting your hands of a copy of My Graveyard Jaw’s new EP and watching this YouTube du Jour, be sure to keep up with the group’s endeavors on its Facebook fan page — and prepare yourself for some laughs, sheer amazement, and kernels of insight about what this sarcastic, funny, and wildly talented bunch is all about. And be sure to hang around until end of the video as they get a shout out from an unlikely avian supporter and as well as a hearty round of applause from a llama. You might also want to stick around for the second video in this post, “Dancing with Ourselves,” another cut from My Gravyard Jaw’s EP.