Carnegie Mellon Philharmonic performs Gustav Mahler's Symphony No. 5. Photo by Jiuguang Wang via Flickr.

New Orleans is Getting a 24-Hour Classical Music Radio Station

Fans of classical music will be happy to learn that New Orleans is about to get its own dedicated classical music FM radio station.

16_wwno_classical1049_webThe public radio heroes behind WWNO 89.9 FM have announced their plan to launch Classical 104.9 FM in January of 2017. The new 24-hour, all-classical station will get its initial programming from Classical WWNO HD2, a digital classical music station that currently runs online. Current programming for WWNO HD2 includes orchestra programs, opera, a variety of classical selections and Continuum, a locally-produced early music series.

As the new station’s resources grow, organizers plan to expand beyond this initial programming. National programs, locally-hosted commentary and locally-recorded programs that focus on New Orleans-area classical performances will all be added to the mix.

However, the new station will have a reduced broadcast range relative to WWNO. Listeners in New Orleans, as well as the East and Westbank suburbs, will be able to tune in, but the Northshore will probably be out of reach. The station intends to eventually invest in new transmitters that will extend the broadcast range as far as Lafourche and Terrebonne Parishes.

WWNO is now soliciting donations to assist with the launch of Classical 104.9. Those that would like to learn more about the project or donate can find more information via its website. Those that would like to get a taste of what the new station will offer can stream Classical WWNO HD2.

WWNO has provided non-profit programming across the New Orleans area since its founding in 1972. The station broadcasts an assortment of classical and jazz programming, and acts as the region’s NPR affiliate.