Partially completed section of the floodwall near Walmart on Tchoupitoulas

New Orleans International Muralists Plan to Paint the Tchoupitoulas Floodwall

The New Orleans International Muralists painted the Bywater Art Garden Mural and Cohen College Prep Mural. Now, they have begun a Kickstarter for a mural decorating the 1.1 miles of floodwall on Tchoupitoulas Street. The organization has already painted 400 feet of the mural, as reported by Doug MacCash of

The mural would depict New Orleans culture, music, and historical events and figures. The N.O.I.M. hopes to use the funds from this Kickstarter to complete the 105 arches on Tchoupitoulas, from St. Mary to Josephine Street. This set of blocks has been marked the first phase of three in the project. The group estimates that it needs $450,000 to complete the whole mural in two years, and is petitioning for support from grants and corporate sponsors along with crowdsourcing. 

The N.O.I.M. was started by co-founders Daniel “Deejay” Pate and Jamar D. Pierre in 2002. Pate is the Projects Director, and has taught for 13 years in New Orleans and Dayton, Ohio. He is also the Flag Boy of the Washitaw Nation Carnival Indians. Pierre is the lead artist and artistic director of the organization, with 20 years of professional visual art experience.

The Kickstarter, which aims to receive $11,500 from backers, is all or nothing. If the N.O.I.M. doesn’t reach its goal by 10:11 p.m. on October 22, then the fundraiser will be canceled. The Kickstarter also has tiered rewards: if you pledge $15 or more, you receive two NOIM logo stickers; for a $25 pledge, you receive a tricentennial activity book along with the stickers; for $50, you receive a Floodwall Mural supporter t-shirt; for $500, you’ll receive a 14” x 28” tricentennial Resilience print; and for a $1,000 pledge, you’ll receive all of the above, along with an 8.5”x10” logo on the wall.