NOLA Record Store Run-Down for Record Store Day 2013

Though many might side-eye published statistics about the rise in vinyl record sales over the recent few years, fellow music heads know that the spike in wax sales also means a hike in used and rare record prices at favorite ma & pop shops around town. Those of us who have been getting our knuckles dusty in seemingly endless crates of unwanted vinyl platters for years know that the days of the $1 bin jack-pot are becoming fewer and fewer.

Record Store Day 2013 logo

Record Store Day 2013 is April 20

The popularity of record collecting has exploded and it is no longer a secret that New Orleans has some of the best stock. Nonetheless, the rare collectibles rebirth still hasn’t reached a level of economic stability for brick and mortar record shacks so high that they can compete with today’s digital music conveniences, or prices. That said, national Record Store Day – this year falling on Saturday, April 20 – not only carries heavy significance as an advocacy for supporting your local businesses and independent artists, but also for re-establishing the value of the record store experience. You know, the eccentric shop owners and encyclopedic employees… fighting over a new or rare disc with a fellow music head… eying someone famous… a conversation with a new crush over a new discovery. None of these irreplaceable experiences can be duplicated on iTunes or Amazon. And since New Orleans is really all about that live music vibe, that intimate interaction with characters from all walks, it is no surprise that some of our fair city’s chief wax aficionados have gads of NOLA record store memories to share.

Odyssey photo1 x Jerald White

Legendary Odyssey Records is slated to close Summer 2013 | Photo: Jerald White

This year, we’ve rounded up a tight list of some of our favorite record shops and asked some of our local authorities to tell us about some of their best New Orleans crate digging memories. If this doesn’t inspire you to fall in love with a new 12″ this Saturday, or in love with another crate digger you might happen across while thumbing through warm, rich sonic pressings at one of these local staples, well then…




“By me literally growing up in Odyssey Records since the early 1980’s (Carollton and the Canal St. location), I’ve experienced personal service from a mom-n-pop shop where they would help you find songs you were looking for (before the dawn of GOOGLE). My favorite record store moments would be the celebrity in-stores such as Biggie and Craig Mack , Ice Cube or my favorite …the Cash Money Records midnight sales… the cars, the crowds, the craziness… those were the days…

Man, then there were the 90’s era record store times, when I worked there… people would be really FIGHTIN over who’s better, Biggie or Tupac. Back and forth, back and forth… and I’d be like, man, are you gonna buy this record or not?

Then, like when Erykah Badu first came out… it was a trip to watch people come in dressed up for what music they were gonna buy… you know, you could tell the girls comin in wearing ankhs and shells and headwraps and long skirts were comin in for that new Erykah… and the ones in the tight jeans and heels, big hoops and make up were coming in for Mary J.

And then it was a whole other story once the Virgin Mega Stores and Tower Records opened up… cause that was a whole other world.. it was almost too overwhelming… like I don’t know where to begin.”

~ Charlie Vaughn Jr aka Uptownz Illest – MC, painter, illustrator, poet and all-around-town-NOLA-to-the-bone guy

“I have too many record store memories and love every New Orleans shop in its own way. In Louisiana Music Factory I’ve ran into and met the originators of so much music that I love, including Ernest Skipper, who cut one Mardi Gras Indian funk 45 in the early 80’s called “Shotgun Joe” on the Rosemont Label. That meeting led to a friendship with Mr. Skipper until he passed on several years ago. Mr. Skipper in turn introduced me to one of the great unsung heroes of NOLA gospel and secular music, Alfred Taylor who ran Rosemont Records and Studio, whom I profiled in OffBeat in 2011. That meeting also led to Mr. Skipper’s record being featured in the film “Bury the Hatchet” about the split within the Yellow Pocahontas that led to the creation of Fi-Ya-Ya, and was a direct result of the release of that 45. New Orleans is a place where musical legends still live amongst the people and Louisiana Music Factory is a place where you are likely to run into some.

On a similar note, much respect is due to Gary Holzenthal and Odyssey Records, which unfortunately is closing soon. Mr. Gary is a legend in New Orleans music, rap in particular and former employees are too many to name, but include DJ Khaled, Uptown’s Illest Charlie Vaughn, and Dynamite Dave Soul. Last time I was in Odyssey peddling Ricky B LPs, Mr. Gary pulled out the original business cards from his Prime Suspect label, which released the first Black Menace 12″ in 1994 as well as early consignment sheets from Cash Money Records, dropping of crates of cassettes around the same time. Odyssey weathered a lot of storms and is down to its flagship store on Canal Street. Pass through and support this giant of urban New Orleans music before they close up shop.”

~ Brice Nice DJ, WWOZ FM “Block Party” Show Host and professional record trader


3) “My best memory of digging [in NOLA] has to be finding a clean copy of a Stevie Wonder EP recorded in Brazil at Jim Russell ‘s. Tt’s a very rare recording and I just happened to stumble upon it while digging for some bosa nova.” ~ Rik DucciDJ, producer and record collector

4) “Joking around with Eddie Bo and his sister and running across a copy of  “Unit’s Groove” by The Unit Band in Jim Russell’s.” ~ Maxmillion – DJ and avid rare record collector

5) “Man, I don’t know, I have waaaayyyy too many fantastic record digging memories at home here – too many to name off hand. Unfortunately, many of my favorites were at place that no longer exist. But all I can say about digging in New Orleans is: just go to the sto’ and go for what’cha know!” ~ Soul Sister DJ, WWOZ FM “Soul Power” Show Host and right-on party thrower

…and on that note, see ya’ll out digging this Saturday!


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Domino Sound  Record Shack photo1 x Jerald White

Domino Sound Record Shack | Photo: Jerald White

Domino Sound Record Shack

Esplanade Ridge / Broad St.

2557 Bayou Rd.


Saturday: 12noon – 6pm


Official Record Store Day Releases in-stock



Euclid Records photo7 x Jerald White

Euclid Records | Photo: Jerald White

Euclid Records


3401 Chartres St.


Saturday: 11am – 7pm

Live Performances: 1:30pm – 6:00pm

Guitar Lightnin’

Heavy Lids

Truth Universal

A.F. the Naysayer

peace love technicolor dream



Hundreds of Official RSD Releases in-stock

$2 off all used vinyl over $5


FREE food and beer provided by Reginelli’s



Jim Russell Records photo2 x Jerald White

Jim Russell Records | Photo: Jerald White

Jim Russell Records

Uptown / Garden District

1837 Magazine St.


Saturday: 11am – 5pm





Cash – buy 1, get 1 free on all records

Credit Card – buy 2, get 1 free on all records

All ’45’s will be $3 ea.

+ special surprise guests in-store



LA Music Factory photo2 x Jerald White

Louisiana Music Factory | Photo: Jerald White

Louisiana Music Factory

French Quarter

210 Decatur St.


Saturday: 10am – 7pm


RSD Official Releases from this year AND last year in-stock

Live Performances:

2pm – Andrew Duhone

3pm – Miss Sophie Lee

4pm – Dave Jordan



Musica Latina photo1 x Jerald White

Musica Latina Discoteca | Photo: Jerald White

Musica Latina Discoteca


4714 Magazine St.



Discounted CDs, tapes, videos





Odyssey photo5 x Jerald White

Odyssey Records | Photo: Jerald White

Odyssey Records

French Quarter / CBD

1012 Canal St.


Saturday: 10am – 7pm


Odyssy will be closing within the next couple months, so be sure to visit this legendary shop! A staple for years on Canal Street.





Peaches Records photo3 x Jerald White

Peaches Records | Photo: Jerald White

Peaches Records

French Quarter

408 N. Peters St.


Saturday: 10am – 8pm








Skully'z Recordz photo3 x Jerald White

Skully'z Recordz | Photo: Jerald White

Skully’z Recordz

French Quarter

907 Bourbon St.


Saturday: 9am – 8pm


Hundreds of RSD Official Releases in-stock

Free Give-Aways:

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