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Did you attend the Rolling Stones concert in New Orleans on July 15 at the Superdome? Take the OffBeat Poll!

If you take this week’s OffBeat Poll,  you’ll get a chance to win a pair of tickets to The Beatles Fest / Abbey Road Live at the House of Blues on Saturday, July 27

The winner of a pair of tickets to see MoFESS at Tipitina’s on Saturday July 20  is ANTHONY SINN.  Congratulations!









































  • kemp

    A millionaire suing a club because it does what it legally has a right to do. How bad would it be to hear Tom McDeratt in your back yard?

  • Long Lens Slim

    When I’m in New Orleans I go out nearly every night. When I get back home to a certain ultra-grey, coffee-soaked, northwest city with America’s 4th Worst Traffic and 171st Worst Drivers, I pretty much stay home. When I do go out it’s mostly to hear touring New Orleans and blues musicians.

  • Tout Dem Poll

    Last year I ambitiously tried hitting three of those festivals in the same weekend. (Wish they weren’t all stacked up like that!) Got in the first two days of Voice of the Wetlands, which was superb. Then headed for the Cattle Fest in Abbeville, which I’d had a blast at the previous year. But there ain’t much happening on a Sunday in Abbeville, and the fest was pretty much wound out. So, I headed for Lafayette and caught the last four hours of Acadiens et Creoles.

    Major fun! But yowza, what a commute!

  • just a jazz fan

    at least ONE of the big names should be a jazz great, what are these people even doing at jazz fest?
    we have had some killer jazz shows in the past, all packed to maximum overflowing capacity so what happened this year?

  • doug h

    My 1st Jazz fest was 1999 both wknds, came back in 2000.been a nola music fan since 1989 when I was introduced to the radiators . circumstances didn’t let me return until 2012.went last year also an plan on coming down for 2nd wknd this year.Will def not be going sat.past 2 yrs haven’t enjoyed sat and left early.the national acts have ruined the jazz fest for me.Cant move from stage to stage to enjoy the local acts I want to see.You have to pick a spot early and stay at that stage all day or you won’t get close to seeing the act . expecially the fais do stage.sidewalks are jammed with ppl standing taking up entire sidewalk and can’t get by without pushing your way through. Save $90 a day price and go see the local legends play in the great clubs all around the not the problem it’s the overcrowding of the fest has turned me off.buying my fest ticket for thurs and see how it goes if I go fri.thanks for letting me rant, sad veteran fest fan

    • Bk native

      I hear ya. I started attending jazzfest in 2000 and it’s never been as comfy as it was that year. I’ve always been a major nightowl so generally I’ll go for ten days to catch both weekends but I’ll only go to the festival grounds about 3-4 days cause I have way more fun in the club’s dancing til dawn each night to all my favorite Nola bands/musicians and the many guests coming to sit in. I can spend every night at the maple leaf, Tips, Blue Nile, dba, republik, and Howlin wolfs..and be the happiest camper while feeling like I’m not missing out on much of anything at the festival grounds. A few days at the festival is a must but for me, the club’s are where it’s at For the real flavor of Nola.

  • Marie

    SO many people fly in to NOLA for the FQ Fest now that it may seem appropriate to send out the schedules earlier, but being a free festival brings it’s own crowd issues. Last year I wanted to see Dr. John like everyone else, but we were perched at the zydeco stage. When we hurried over to see Dr. John we could not get anywhere close enough to see anything – the crowd was terrible. On the other hand, I would not have wanted to be trapped inside that crowd, either. So we went back to the zydeco stage – I’m just glad that we left our chairs there to return to.

    So, yes, as a visitor for FQ (which in some ways I enjoy more than Jazz Fes), I would appreciate set schedules sooner. But I now have more realistic expectations if more big names like Dr. John perform there.


    • Russell

      Been going to FQF since 1997! loved it so much my wife & i decided to purchase a timeshare in The Marigny & we’ve been back almost every year since. the crowds have definitely grown enormously as more people discover the greatest free festival on earth! while we don’t love the over crowding, theres no place we would rather be than NOLA !!!

  • sally g lebourgeois

    I took my fema $200 and bought lifetime subscription. I have no idea who to thank. But thanks.