On Va Continuer will document Lost Bayou Ramblers and the Cajun lifestyle

“On Va Continuer!” documentary to follow Lost bayou Ramblers and Cajun music

An upcoming “rockumentary” will explore the evolution of Cajun music with a focus on Grammy-winning band Lost Bayou Ramblers.

On Va Continuer! (French for “we will continue”) won’t premiere until 2019, but details are already being shared of its production. Filmmaker Bruno Doria met the band’s Louis Michot in 2016, while documenting the aftermath of devastating floods in Maurice, Louisiana. The film follows Lost Bayou Ramblers from then and through the recording and release of their Grammy-winning album Kalenda.

“From the first time I heard the Ramblers play, I was drawn into their world and what they are doing as a band. What’s most important for Louisiana’s culture right now is to document our unique lifestyles and perspectives, and there is nothing more important than true stories about our people. We want to leave a stamp in history so people can look back and see what Louisiana music was doing at this time and how it is evolving,” said Doria.

Says producer Lizzie Guitreau, “The film is a look into the modern Cajun lifestyle, and it’s a realization that the ‘dying’ language of Louisiana French may not be so dead after all. We want this film to be seen by not only those who are familiar with the culture, but by audiences who have never heard a lick of the music or the Louisiana French language in their lives. Preservation is about sharing, and we want to this story to reach our Louisiana community and beyond.”

In July 2018, On Va Continuer! was selected as the recipient of the #CreateLouisiana French Culture Film Grant in July 2018, earning it $30,000 in funding. Beginning today (September 7), the film is utilizing Kickstarter to finish funding post-production and distribution.

As previously reported by OffBeat.com, Lost Bayou Ramblers recently announced a long hiatus from performing.