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Jazz Fest Food, weekend one

  This weekend I had the cochon du lait po-boy (one of the few things worth standing in line for), Jamila’s merguez and tagine, dibbi (which was not what I […]

Jazz Fest, Day Three

A little cloud cover and a little breeze made Sunday much nicer than Saturday, which bordered on unpleasant because of the heat and crowds. I walked by Jake Smith (Acura […]

Sunday at the Fest: Where I’ll Be

  Today, Orishas has cancelled. Locos Por Juana moved into their slot on Congo Square and Vivaz! moved into the slot vacated by Locos Por Juana. Here are my plans: […]

Sudden Death

Flaming Lips “The W.A.N.D.” (Warner Bros) Okay, fortunes changed for Flaming Lips with 1999’s The Soft Bulletin, but the band released its first album in 1985. This song from the […]

Are We the World?

Are We the World? April 19, 2006   Zimbabwe’s Thomas Mapfumo played the Congo Square Stage at Jazz Fest in 1991, and in the days leading up to the festival, […]

Context is Everything

Context is Everything It would be nice to think that any of us hear an album, experience a concert, watch a movie or see a painting in a neutral state, […]

The Lost and Found

The Lost and Found   CDs break hearts daily. Bands struggle to get signed, struggle to put their CDs out, pin their hopes and dreams on their CDs’ success, and […]

That Helpless Feeling

In the days immediately after Hurricane Katrina, friends and family asked over and over again how they could help. They wanted to do something, but all my wife and I […]