Boyfriend. Photo: Willow Haley

Ring in 2018 with our Very Own Boyfriend at One Eyed Jacks

If you don’t have a significant other to kiss when that clock clicks to 12 a.m. and winds in the new year, then One Eyed Jacks has just the Boyfriend for you, and she’s a woman. New Orleans “rap cabaret” artist Boyfriend will perform at One Eyed Jacks on New Year’s Eve, planting a wet one of her unique brand of brazen inclusivity and lingerie-laced lady love on the pretty people partying 2017 away.

The artist can make her goodbye kiss to 2017 a confident one. In the past year, Boyfriend released an EP entitled Next,  headlined the Marc Jacobs’ Spring 2018 Collection Party in Tokyo and performed at big-ticket New Orleans festivals such as Buku and Jazz Fest.

In April, she talked to OffBeat’s Jennifer Odell about her latest EP, in which the English major sought to make her messaging of female empowerment less literary and more accessible as well as stepped in the the producer role for the first time.

“It was really exciting to be a vocally articulate architect of a sonic landscape,” she told Odell. “Finally I feel like my Spotify page will reflect what’s happening on the stage. And people who haven’t necessarily been in the room for Rap Cabaret will get a more honest rendering of what I’m all about as a recorded musician.”

Boyfriend is a Tennessee native who raps in a way only a southern girl can, with a twang you can occasionally trace into unabashed, unapologetic lyrics. Raised in a conservative Christian family, her life now is scantily clad both in dress in music. She does not apologize for showing her body nor does she temper the truth in her songs, delivering in her hard toned lyrical reality. In like “Like My Hand Did,” she brings female orgasm, and the many ways to achieve one, front and center.

Boyfriend will perform from 9 p.m. to 2 a.m. VIP tickets cost $150 and will give patrons access to the balcony, complementary champagne and a private cash bar upstairs. General admission tickets cost $25. Both can purchased here.