Royal Teeth. Photo by Jakob Wandel

Royal Teeth return to say they’re “Never Gonna Quit”

After a five-year hiatus, indie-pop-rock band Royal Teeth came back with a vengeance with an electrifying new song, “Never Gonna Quit.” The accompanying music video features bada** viral sensation Valerie Sassyfras, as seen on Ellen for her performance, “Girl’s Night Out.” Royal Teeth’s musical style has been compared to that of The Kooks, Fitz and The Tantrums and Walk The Moon.

Royal Teeth formed in 2010 and had a more folk-driven sound that has since incorporated more electronic elements. The band’s current members include vocalist and guitarist Gary Larsen, vocalist Nora Patterson, guitarist Thomas Onebane and drummer Josh Hefner—all from Louisiana. During the last few years, all members of Royal Teeth have found careers outside of the music industry, while some thought that the days of Royal Teeth were over.

“There were days where I just expected that this was probably going to be over soon,” Larsen said. But after a sudden spark of inspiration and some musical restructuring, Royal Teeth came together to create an album and share their new mantra, “Never Gonna Quit.”

In the music video for “Never Gonna Quit,” Royal Teeth welcomed fellow Louisiana native, Valerie Sassyfras, to personify the band’s motto. Sassyfras debuted as a duo act with her husband Johnny Donald. Since Donald’s death, she has become an impressive and “sassy” solo act who plays accordion and sings in three-part harmony with herself. Sassyfras promotes anti-ageism, LGBTQ rights and New Orleans spirit. Married twice and now widowed, she is the perfect choice for an eccentric music video about never giving up.

“Between Valerie Sassyfras’s dancing, the infectious beat and…a mysterious blow up dinosaur costume? I dare you to watch this video without smiling,” Nell Snow at Baeble said.

We dare you to do the same.

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