Second Line Season Steppin’ Off Sundays

In a city where celebration is endless and the music never stops, the second line (a descendant of the jazz funeral) is another example of how much we love to party. Originally a procession to honor those members of the Social Aid & Pleasure Clubs who have passed, the second line has transformed into a weekly reminder of the festival season antics to come. Starting in late August and running until early June of next year, a second line is staged every Sunday. Taking place Uptown and down, there’s no excuse to miss these mobile street parties.

The Black Men of Labor prepare to second line. Photo: Kim Welsh.

Next up is the Prince of Wales this Sunday, October 14 starting at 1 p.m. The parade, presented by the New Orleans Center for the Gulf South, celebrates its 84th march this year. Starting at the Rock Bottom Lounge on Tchoupitoulas Street, the celebration will remain Uptown for the duration of the spectacle. Before continuing on to Magazine Street to stop at Reesie’s Snowballs, Queen Donna Pierre will be presented.

Although second lines are a great excuse to boogie through your neighborhood and drink in the streets, it’s important to remember their origins and purpose. The Black Men of Labor, whose second line is set for October 20 Downtown, are holding a Community Health and Wellness Fair this Saturday, October 13 (9 a.m.-4 p.m.).

The fair will be held at Wisdom Reception Hall (1359 St. Bernard Ave.) and aims to “provide quality health care services to the African American, Hispanic American, and Asian American communities in New Orleans who are uninsured.” According to the BMOL, the fair will provide education on affordable health care and preventative measures to keep the community healthy.

For the full schedule of upcoming second lines — including November 11’s popular and elaborate Sudan parade — and other events put on by the clubs, check out WWOZ’s site.