Shamarr Allen. Photo: Photo by Cécile Lienhard

Shamarr Allen’s “Sean Payton” is the Saints’ Latest Anthem (Audio)

Trumpeter Shamarr Allen is enjoying some viral fame this week, thanks to a song he wrote, recorded and shared on Monday. As the title suggests, “Sean Payton” is inspired by the Saints and their head coach.

As seen at the Advocate, the song – which features DJ DNA – made its way from the web to the Saints locker room. “Players danced to it, emulating the same moves their coach showed off Sunday in the locker room after the Saints defeated the Carolina Panthers 31-26 to win the team’s first playoff game since 2013,” writes Rod Walker.

Allen says he was inspired to pen the track after watching Payton’s celebratory moves during the Saints’ post-game celebration. “The energy of the city came through at that moment,” Allen said. “That’s what New Orleans is all about. If you can dance or you can’t dance, it doesn’t matter. Live in the moment,” he says.

Now, even schoolkids have been seen hitting the Sean Payton, emulating the coach’s unwitting dance while listening to Allen’s song.

As the Saints gear up to play the Vikings on Sunday’s divisional round play-off game, all of New Orleans has eyes set on the Super Bowl. Perhaps a citywide “Sean Payton” flash-mob is in order…


  • Tamara “Fenimp” Singleton

    Shout out to Mr. Allen. Nice job, however check out top 10 Saints Hype songs in the Times Picayune. The people have spoken the new Anthem is Black and Gold Love(Black Moon EP) by Love Evolution. Check it out on youtube video is a fan favorite….Salute Mr. Allen.

  • Tamara “Fenimp” Singleton