Shuggie Otis To Play Howlin’ Wolf This Weekend

This Saturday, August 8th, R&B legend Shuggie Otis will grace the stage at the Howlin’ Wolf.

Currently in the midst of a 20+ date coast-to-coast tour, the multi-talented son of legend Johnny Otis just released his first live album, Live In Williamsburg.

Perhaps best known for his 1977 hit “Strawberry Letter #23” (one of the most sampled songs in modern music), Otis is an attentive, visionary songwriter who brings his best soulful, funky grooves to every live show, along with his signature red Gibson.

Shuggie (a name given by his mother when he was a newborn that’s apparently short for “Sugar”) launched his career at only 15 years old, playing as a session guitarist with Al Kooper. His first solo album, Here Comes Shuggie Otis, was released in 1970.

Otis received much critical acclaim in 2013 with the deluxe reissue of his third album, Inspiration Information, which includes a entire new album of previously unreleased recordings called Wings of Love.

Don’t miss Otis at the Howlin’ Wolf this weekend, and in the meantime, check out this 2013 OffBeat piece on him here.