Threat of Legal Action Forces ‘Marley Gras’ Jerk Chicken Festival to Change Name

Earlier this week we reported that the people behind the NOLA Caribbean Festival were organizing a brand new event called the Marley Gras Jerk Chicken Festival. The party was slated to take place on Saturday, February 11, when it would celebrate the intersection of Jamaican and New Orleans culture.

15894679_1807132499527275_8458252943748067871_nThings have changed since then.

The date and concept will still be the same, but a threat of legal action has forced the festival to change its name and logo. Evidently, the event caught the attention of Marley International, who sent the organizers a letter demanding they “cease and desist” the use of Bob Marley’s name and likeness.

So in the interest of peace and not getting sued, the celebration will now take place under the NOLA Jerk Chicken Festival moniker. As previously reported, the event will blend the Jamaica’s rich culture with the rich culture of New Orleans, bringing nationally touring reggae acts and DJs together with New Orleans brass bands (who will perform brass covers of Marley’s hits).

There will be plenty of food at the gathering as well, with various restaurants and food trucks serving up creative takes on jerk chicken, along with other Caribbean dishes, New Orleans staples and Caribbean drinks.

The festival will also host New Orleans’ first-ever Scotch Bonnet pepper eating contest, plus a jerk chicken competition with local celebrity judges.

The NOLA Jerk Chicken Festival will go down at NOLA Caribbean Festival’s new Central City BBQ compound, which is located at 1201 South Rampart St. Tickets for Marley Gras are on sale now for $10, and organizers expect the event to sell out.