Trombone Shorty Accepts Best of the Beat Awards

Troy “Trombone Shorty” Andrews is a busy man. When it came time to hand out the Best of the Beat awards for the past two years, he was on tour.

But it’s Jazz Fest, and magical things happen during Jazz Fest. Trombone Shorty came to us. Well, he came to the Louisiana Music Factory to put on a free show, and since that’s downstairs from our offices, we jumped at the opportunity to deliver some hard earned awards.


Trombone Shorty, Jan Ramsey, by Stephen Maloney, OffBeat Magazine

Trombone Shorty and Jan Ramsey. (Photo by: Stephen Maloney)

Before the show started, OffBeat publisher Jan Ramsey presented Trombone Shorty with an award from the Best of the Beat 2013 ceremony, where he won Artist of the Year, Album of the year for his album Say That to Say This, Song of the Year for “Fire and Brimstone,” Best R&B/Funk Artist, Best R&B/Funk Album, Best Music Video, and Best Trombonist.


Trombone Shorty, Best of the Beat, OffBeat Magazine

Best of the Beat multiple award winner Trombone Shorty. (Photo by: Stephen Maloney)

Free shows will continue at the Louisiana Music Factory for the duration of Jazz Fest. Click here to see the schedule.

  • Dago T

    See you Aug 5 in Des Moines Shorty! (That’s as close to NOLA as I’ll get this year.)