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New Vegan Pop-Up supports plant-based lifestyle & local arts

Veganism has grown in popularity throughout New Orleans over the past year. With restaurants like Vegan With A Twist, Sweet Soulfood, and Breads on Oak committing to a plant-based menu, and hands-on classes like You Are What You Eat Nola with Blake Owens, there’s been a shift. There’s something in the air. Plant-based diets are proving their staying power and it looks like the trend of health is wealth is here to stay. 

Joining the party is Papa Ted’s Vegan Pop-Up. The first of many will be December 14 from 1-5 p.m. at Lot 1701. This event is free and open to the public. These pop-ups were created to help people lead a plant based lifestyle while supporting the local art community in the process. 

The mastermind behind Papa Ted’s is New Orleans native and recording artist Dawn Richard. Teaming with Abstract Nola, she’s embarking on a journey we haven’t seen yet in the Crescent City. Papa Ted’s is named after Dawn’s grandfather, whom she lost during Hurricane Katrina. (The truck’s mustache logo is a nod to him.) After Dawn’s dad was diagnosed with cancer, she researched holistic healing approaches and was astonished by what she found through a vegan diet. Since then, Dawn has been on a mission, spreading the word on her findings to others in the community. 

The first of its kind, Papa Ted’s will serve  eco- friendly clean food options, a vegan food demo and showcase different local artists during each pop-up. First up is Jay McKay. A tattoo and visual/mural artist and New Orleans native, he will create a live art installation at the event. Staying with the theme, all paints are also vegan and eco-friendly and each artist’s works will be available for purchase on site.  

What’s a New Orleans party without music? Hosted by DC Paul, the pop-up event features the tallest drink of water in the dirty south, DJ Raj Smoove, on the soundtrack.