Video: Big Chief Bo Dollis Funeral Celebration

Friends, family members, musicians, and Mardi Gras Indians gathered at the Carver Theater in New Orleans on January 30, 2015, to pay their final respects to the iconic Big Chief Bo Dollis.

We talked to Bo Dollis Jr. about the event, Mardi Gras Indians, and the impact his dad had on New Orleans music.

“I’m so excited how so many people came out, so many Indians, so many everybody,” Bo Dollis Jr. said. “The people that just loves him all came out.”

OffBeat intern Noé Cugny captured the event’s intimate moments as well as the public celebration as the community said goodbye.

Rest in peace, Big Chief Bo Dollis.

  • JFletcher

    Great video, good music, good vibes, good job!