[Video] Cyrille Aimée Touches Down in New Orleans

“Last fall, I was sitting in my apartment in Brooklyn, and it was starting to get really cold and I was thinking of how the winter would be like in New Orleans. That’s when I wrote this song, and I moved there a couple months afterwards.”



That is the story French-born Jazz Vocalist Cyrille Aimée tells in her new loop-heavy song”Down.” During the past ten years based in New York, Aimée solidified her status as a prime jazz act, bringing original music and virtuosic takes on jazz standards to stages around the world.

The bright-voiced singer is always on the move, and earlier this year, it was time for New Orleans to become her new landing spot. “I was completely in love with the place from the first day. I felt the energy of the city, and the people, and it resonated with me,” Aimée recalls of her first visit. “When I got back to NY, […] I couldn’t stop thinking about it, and had a hard time explaining to my friends how magical the trip had been. “It’s something you have to go there and feel, because I can’t describe it!”

A terrific addition to the music scene in New Orleans, Aimée has been spotted sitting in with Pat Casey’s New Sound at the Spotted Cat, or in intimate sessions at the SideBar. She has also established a solid relationship in music with local guitarist Josh Starkman. “I told him he is one of the main reasons I moved here because I though, if everyone is like him here, this is where I want to be!”

“I feel more at home here than anywhere I’ve ever been, and I’ve been to a lot of places! I think maybe the fact that I am half French and half Dominican has a little to do with it!”