Video: Decadence Drag Out Talent Night With Katey Red

Bounce artist Katey Red hosted the Decadence Drag Out Talent Night on Friday, August 29, 2014 at Siberia, and OffBeat videographer JonGunnar Gylfason was on hand to interview the participants.

Katey Red, Decadence Drag Out Talent Night

With performers from New Orleans and across the south, the night was overflowing with talent against the backdrop of Southern Decadence 2014.

Gylfason also gives us a look behind the scenes during intimate interviews with the performers, who explain the roles of “Mothers and Fathers” who fill familial roles within the gay community for people who are often estranged from their biological families.

This year’s Decadence was a terrific celebration of life, and the Drag Out Talent Night brought together some of the best performers around.

Check out the OffBeat video Mothers and Fathers.