Photo by Elsa Hahne

Video: Faces of Frenchmen Ep 4: Sarah McCoy

We sit down with Frenchmen Street powerhouse Sarah McCoy and the members of her band The Oopsie Daisies for the fourth installment of our Faces of Frenchmen Street video interview series.

McCoy, who graced the cover of the September 2015 issue of OffBeat, tells us all about her music and her life in her always candid style.

You can find McCoy almost every day on Frenchmen Street, and check back for the next episode of our Faces of Frenchmen series soon.

  • Tiffany

    Loved her performance at HoB during FQF!

  • BJ Carr

    I hear and concur with Sarah’s comments. I’ve been a two-to-three-times/year visitor since 1994, when I bought a timeshare near Frenchmen. Have watched the growth of the music scene there, and benefited greatly from it- I own a LOT of cds purchased from bands and musicians playing those clubs, and save all year so I can tip freely.
    But the past few years, as the street has become inundated by partying bros and bachelorette parties, I can’t even make myself go there on friday or saturday nights. Fortunately there are many other choices for live music away from Frenchmen, and I can still enjoy the other 5 nights of the week at FS clubs. But I confess some nostalgia for the days when there were fewer clubs, filled with more local music lovers.