Video Premiere:
Dash Rip Rock, “Meet Me at the River”

OffBeat is proud to present the world debut of “Meet Me at the River,” the new video by one of Louisiana’s favorite rock & roll bands, Dash Rip Rock. Originally on last winter’s Black Liquor album, the song celebrates some local color and embraces classic-model Southern rock; and makes a nifty summer single as well. As frontman Bill Davis explains, “We gave ourselves a challenge to write an anthemic Southern rocker like ‘Mississippi Queen’ or ‘Up Around the Bend’.  It was mostly inspired by the ’70s Louisiana band Potliquor who sang about the bayou and played fist-pumping classic rock. This is our tribute to all the great Louisiana rock & roll that came before us.”

Director Mark Bergeron shot the video in the swampy wilderness of Terrebonne Parish, including footage of an annual Dash gig that happens on the  bayou past Houma and is accessible only by boat. “I used to go listen to bands at Fred’s along the Amite River in Port Vincent with my dad,” Davis says. “‘Meet Me At the River’ reminds me of that time. I also like to drive my boat real fast and this is the perfect song for that.”

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    Hey Bill , Watcha’ doin done there!

  • Ted

    Dash Rip Rock is the hardest working band in show business — EVER!

  • Rat Nagourney

    Gotta love Cajun Rockers! the vid from King Louie has similar elements

  • Thomas Joy

    This band is well worth seeing live. Hell, Bill’ll even have a beer with ya!

  • Dookie

    $5 off a ticket with every donation of Centrum 50+!

  • Roadhouse Rats

    Great song! When are you coming back to California?

  • JD Berryhill

    Great song!,Great video posting it to all my buds, Bill, Patrick you guys rock it !!! Keep up the killer tunes