Video Premiere: Lynn Drury gets political and personal for “Anniversary”

New Orleans-based singer-songwriter Lynn Drury gets political and personal with the new video for “Anniversary,” a track off her 2017 record Rise of the Fall. The bittersweet production finds Drury’s effortless melody and delightful refrain punctuated by occasional bursts of destructive anger toward everything from Congress to 1am booty calls. It’s a great juxtaposition that makes for a worthwhile introduction to the “Demolition Drury” persona (and also features an appearance by Dick Deluxe). As the video’s YouTube description explains, “While playing along to one of her favorite new songs, Lynn felt like ‘breaking some Sh*#’.”

“Drury decided to pull back a bit for this new release and concentrate on the songs themselves rather than a specific sound,” OffBeat contributor John Swenson wrote of Drury’s latest album for our July issue. “It’s another breakthrough because when they’re allowed space to breathe, Drury’s songs are beyond category, touching everything from classic folk singer-songwriter to country, white girl soul and roots rock. Rise of the Fall is the virtual definition of that slippery catch-all genre called Americana.”

Rise of the Fall was released on April 7, and the record is currently available for purchase. You can catch Drury at Chickie Wah Wah on Tuesday, July 25.