Vimeo du Jour: Big Freedia


Big Freedia, the bounce rapper voted Best Emerging Artist and Best Hip-Hop/Rap Artist in January’s Best of the Beat Awards, released her first official music video yesterday for her song “Y’all Get Back Now”. Locals Bob Weisz and Josh Ente directed the video, produced by Casey Coleman and Michael Gottwald. The group filmed Freedia and her friends dancing in front of a green scene in a Bywater warehouse, then overlayed the dancers on landscapes of New Orleans, turning Big Freedia into Mecha Freedia, the ass-shaking godzilla of the Crescent City.

The national attention Freedia has garnered in the past year paid off big, with the music video sponsored by Scion A/V, who will also be helping to release an EP by Freedia due out next Tuesday, March 29. The car company’s music and video marketing arm has been dipping its feet into bounce recently, with a featured interview with Freedia’s DJ Rusty Lazer and a mix featuring Lazer and fellow DJ Brice Nice.

The video is dedicated to fellow bounce star Magnolia Shorty, who was murdered on the final day of filming for the video.

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