Voodoo Preview: Christoph Andersson

New Orleans has more than it’s share of DJs.  Go to just about any club that caters to the dancehall crowd on any night of the week, and you’re almost certain to run into one or more.  This year at Voodoo, local DJ Christoph Andersson will be showcasing his skills in the revitalized electronic tent Le Plur; however, Christoph Andersson is not your average DJ.

Andersson is a NOCCA grad in audio production who has worked as a recording assistant for some notable New Orleans names and globally influential musicians.  “I got to work as a recording assistant for Dr. John,” Andersson says. “That was really cool.” However, , Andersson grew disillusioned with the rock band scene and began to make music on his own. “I was in an indie rock band in high school, but eventually started doing my own thing on the computer.”

Coming from the indie-rock scene, Andersson fancies himself more of an electronic artist than a DJ, despite his frequent DJ gigs.  His inspirations are not derived from the dance floor either.  “I like ’80s pop like Tears for Fears,” Andersson says. “I want to take that music and update it for a modern audience and make it danceable.”  Complementing his unorthodox nature, he has unusual plans for his forthcoming EP.  “We will be releasing four tracks between November 15 and mid-January. We want to release it like that to keep people interested.”  Each of the four tracks on the EP will be released will be paired with club edits and dancehall remixes by Andersson and guests in an endeavor to exist in two different worlds. He hopes to appeal to dance hall kids and the more contemplative listener that might prefer to listen to his work at home or in the car. To further this end, he also plans to shake things up with his live performances. “I want to start doing things like playing with a live band soon, by spring or summer.”

In addition to Voodoo, you can catch Andersson at the Voodoo Dance After Dark parties at the Contemporary Arts Center Friday and Saturday, and the Electronic Takeover at Ampersand in early November.

Christoph Andersson plays Voodoo Sunday, October 31 at 11 a.m. in Le Plur.