"Washboard" Lissa Driscoll. Photo: Chuck Jines

“Washboard” Lissa Driscoll Has Died

“Washboard” Lissa Driscoll passed away this week after a battle with throat cancer.

Born in Babylon, New York, and then growing up north of Seattle, Driscoll hitchhiked her way down to New Orleans over 30 years ago made herself a home in the landscape of local street music, performing on Frenchman Street and throughout the French Quarter. With a penchant for steel, she earned the monikers “Washboard Lissa,” “Guitar Lissa” and “Ragntime Annie” for her style of country blues twang centered on a steel guitar and a washboard. Some of her regular venues included Apple Barrel and Checkpoint Charlie’s.

There will be a celebration to honor the life of the musician known for her straight shooting honesty this 1 p.m. until 5 p.m. this upcoming Monday at Rare Form as advertised by a Facebook event entitled “Lissa’s Really Dead This Time.”

Check out the video below, originally posted by OffBeat in 2015, to revisit Lissa.