Image courtesy of WWOZ/Facebook. Artwork by Isabelle Jacopin

WWOZ has lots to celebrate at inaugural Groove Gala

On September 6, award-winning radio station WWOZ will hold its inaugural Groove Gala. The event will be a celebration of Louisiana music—complete with traditional and contemporary jazz, blues and gospel. There will also be food and drinks provided by Dickie Brennan’s restaurant. The dress code is “fest attire.”

There is a lot to celebrate this year. WWOZ was recently nominated for the Marconi Radio Award by the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB). It is a tremendous honor. Winners will be announced at an Awards Dinner & Show on September 27, 2018. Earlier in 2018, WWOZ also received the Louisiana Association of Broadcasters Prestige Award. This has been a big year for the volunteer-run radio station.

The indoor festival includes performances from some of New Orleans’ most famous musicians: Irma Thomas, Dr. Michael White, Amanda Shaw, Tremé Brass Band, Doreen Ketchens, Gregory Agid Trio, Joe Krown and Michael O’Hara.

The event will take place “in the heart of the French Quarter” at Tableau & Le Petit Theatre from 6:30 to 10:30 p.m.

Tickets are $125 per person or $75 for individuals under age 35 and can be purchased here. WWOZ is run completely by volunteers, so ticket proceeds go towards the maintenance of the station.

The Groove Gala will be an evening of many celebrations—the end of a sweltering summer, inauguration of a new indoor festival, honors bestowed upon WWOZ and of course, the city of New Orleans and its amazing music.