Zachary Richard Suffered Stroke Sunday

Cajun singer-songwriter Zachary Richard suffered a minor stroke on Sunday, October 17, and was forced to postpone at least a month’s worth of plans, including his participation in Bilocal. The stroke affected the left side of Richard’s body and some of his motor skills. A full recovery is expected.

Today, we received information on the upcoming Bilocal art-and-culture summit between New Orleans and Seattle, and included in the announcement was the news that Coco Robicheaux would replace Zachary Richard, who’d suffered a minor stroke Sunday:

In addition to performance dates, Richard had to shelve some of his promotional efforts for “Le Grand Gosier,” the double-sided single and video he recently produced to raise awareness of the many issues currently facing the people of the Louisiana Gulf Coast.

“Don’t send flowers, it’s way too early for that,” Richard says. “There’s a lot of work ahead, but they all tell me that Zach will be back, 100 percent.”