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Sneak Peak at the Essence Festival Main Stage

[UPDATE] Friday night, the Essence Music Festival opens in the Louisiana Superdome. Janet Jackson in her only performance of the year, Alicia Keys and Mary J. Blige will headline the […]

YouTube du Jour: Essence Music Festival

[youtube] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lu1YnRaKIBk[/youtube] The Essence Music Festival starts Friday at the Louisiana Superdome, and there are a couple of late additions to the lineup, one of which is Ledisi, who plays […]

The Mother-in-Law Keeps Changing

Recently, Antoinette K-Doe‘s daughter Betty Fox announced that she was closing the Mother-in-Law Lounge. She took up the task of keeping the bar on North Claiborne Avenue open after her […]

YouTube du Jour: Essence Music Festival

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XOnk07rDgfU&feature=related[/youtube] This weekend, the Essence Music Festival returns to the Superdome, and on Saturday night, LL Cool J’s on the main stage opening for Alicia Keys (who doesn’t look five months’ […]

School-aged Rappers at Ogden This Afternoon

For years, writer, musician and OffBeat contributor Michael Patrick Welch has helped students develop language and musical awareness by having them write and perform their own raps. Earlier this year, […]

Alex Backs Up Buffett and Friends

Although Tropical Storm Alex is projected to remain near the Texas coast of the Gulf of Mexico, the Jimmy Buffett and Friends show scheduled for Thursday has been backed up […]

YouTube du Jour: Essence Music Festival

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GJgCJKqJ1cw[/youtube] The Essence Music Festival starts Friday at the Superdome. Janet Jackson headlines in her only show this year, and Raphael Saadiq plays earlier in the night. Here’s Saadiq playing […]

Actors Turned Away from BP Spill

It has now become fairly common knowledge that BP is working to control the media coverage of the oil disaster by limiting access to it. Not only will they not […]

YouTube du Jour: Juvenile

[UPDATED] [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UgL5-pLdYOQ[/youtube] Juvenile’s new album, Beast Mode, hits the streets this week. Here’s the first single, “Drop That Thang,” the clean version of “Drop That Azz.” In the offices, we […]

Gulf Assistance Coming from SoCo and Across America

[UPDATED] While each day brings another outrage in the BP oil disaster saga—today, BP contradicts itself on the importance of the flow rate—it also brings news of help. This week, […]