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[Watch] Venice Film Festival To Highlight Gentrification In New Orleans

In light of the tumultuous political climate and police brutality against African-Americans, “What You Gonna Do When The World’s On Fire?” is a much-needed film that ventures to tell the […]

Stephen Maitland-Lewis and Ricky Riccardi discuss Louis Armstrong

Stephen Maitland-Lewis started a pen-pal relationship with Louis Armstrong in the 1950s. Ricky Riccardi curates the Armstrong House Museum in New York. The two Satchmo fanatics open up in this […]

GIVERS Reflect On Tour, Roots and New EP

[WATCH] Taylor Guarisco and Tif Lamson of Louisiana Pop Phenomenon GIVERS stopped by the OffBeat offices to chat about their tour in support of upcoming EP “Movin’ On.”     […]

Slangston Hughes: a connoisseur of fine rhyme & the undisputed sno ball KANG

Slangston Hughes (née Renard Bridgewater) is a performer and self-described hip-hop culturalist, bandleader and event curator. He’s also the Snoball KANG, a connoisseur of fine rhyme and Hollygrove’s Finest. He’s […]

Flow Tribe Flips The Script And Gets Feminist As F*ck (Video Premiere)

“Even though the song is called ‘Sexy Body,’ we’re celebrating femininity inside and out,” Flow Tribe’s K.C. O’Rorke says of his band’s new music video. “Sexy Body” is produced by […]

James Seville Makes Rap Music You Can Bump With Your Mom (Premiere)

“I was at a show in New Orleans, standing outside, sipping my Jack and Coke. A tipsy guy comes up to me and said ‘Aren’t you Jamesville?’ I said yes, […]

OffBeat Streets, Episode 5: Ray Wimley Flows On Canal

For Ray Wimley, young hip hop artist and freestyle slinger, it all started during Essence Festival. Three years ago, Wimley hit the street downtown during the big festival, freestyling for […]

Shamarr Allen’s New Album Is An Antidote To Today’s Meaningless Music (Video Interview)

“Life is too short so I ain’t wasting no more time,” trumpeter Shamarr Allen assures loved ones in the new video for “I Love You,” a warm, sunny track dedicated […]

[Video] Cyrille Aimée Touches Down in New Orleans

“Last fall, I was sitting in my apartment in Brooklyn, and it was starting to get really cold and I was thinking of how the winter would be like in […]

Polo Silk Is Stepping Into History With Chase N. Cashe & Reebok (Exclusive)

Polo Silk is a venerated photographer whose work has been invaluable in capturing moments in New Orleans hip-hop, club, street and second-line cultures. The Uptown native recently released a book […]