A Musical Collage for Carnival

The cover photo shoot, by participant: Rik Slave sang “We Are the World.” Fred LeBlanc bit Irma Thomas’ knee. Irma laughed at Fred. George Porter, Jr. ended up being late […]

The Dew Drop Inn

On May 1st the Jazz and Heritage Festival will present a concert titled “Dew Drop Inn Revisited: The Toussaint Legacy” at Riverboat Hallelujah Concert Hall at 8 p.m. Though not […]

Movers and Shakers: Music Scene Makers

If it be true that music makes the world go round, the question still remains: what makes the music? Obviously, the musician. But is that all? No—as many a talented-yet-poor […]

The Sound of New Orleans from A to Z

If stranded on a desert island and given but two wishes, most Earthlings would opt for food and water. The Orleanian, without thinking twice, would take the food, skip the […]