Night Crawl: OffBeat’s Annual Guide to Fest Life After Dark

Hey, hey, hey, it’s that time again. Hope y’all are well-rested when you arrive for Jazz Fest because with all the incredible music in town, you will be crawling on […]

Alex Chilton Lets Them Scream

Alex Chilton is strolling through the women’s clothing section of the Woolworth’s at Rampart and Canal, discussing astrology and rain coats. Astrology had come up a few moments ago at […]

Look at Snooks Eaglin Now!: On the Road Again

Late one foggy night many years ago, a night steeped in the lore of New Orleans R&B, a ’49 Studebaker barreled down a lonely road between Donaldsonville and New Orleans, […]

A (Most Unusual) Year in the Life of Deadeye Dick

Of the more than 100 Louisiana artists that released albums in 1994, none had a year like New Orleans guitar-pop trio Deadeye Dick. In 1994, the lives of Caleb Guillotte, […]

Searchin’ for Blues Jewels, New Orleans-Style

A quick glance at the blues of Jumpin’ Johnny Sansone, Andy J. Forest, Blues With A Feeling and N.O.B.D.   It’s time again to ask that question — where are […]

Rollin’ on the River with Stavin’ Chain

The blues-rock band revives the ghost of Muddy Waters while trying to not get washed away.   The members of Stavin’ Chain, who spike their rock with a generous portion […]

Better Than Ever

After five years of hustle, the members of Better Than Ezra drive a fancy new van, live in a great house, and are trying to decide which major label will […]

The Humid List

In New Orleans in July, it’s not the heat, but the humidity. OffBeat offers a handful of people/places/things that will persevere this summer, and may help you do the same. […]

Jazz Fest ’94 Revisited

  The 1st Annual Unofficial OffBeat Jazz Fest Awards – Michel Tisserand There’s no better time than a 25th anniversary to launch the first annual awards for the highlights and […]

Quint Davis: Man at the Top

Quint Davis was one of the young workers at the Tulane Jazz Archive that northeastern concert promoter George Wein recruited to help him stage a traditional New Orleans music festival […]