Pondering the Future of Tipitina’s and the Merits of New Music from New Orleans; the Radiators’ and Neville Brothers’ Home Pages

The recent media coverage of Tipitina’s being put up for sale sparked a huge amount of discussion on the Internet. A thread on the newsgroup neworleans.info began almost immediately after […]

Tommy Ridgley: The Comeback Kid

Tommy Ridgley’s long wait is over. The vocalist, pianist and songwriter, who cut his first record in 1949 and was among the city’s upper echelon of R&B stars in the […]

Jazz Fest ’95 in Review

Like its 25 predecessors, the 1995 Jazz Festival had its moments, both memorable and forgettable. Our writers and photographers document some of each. MOST OMNIPRESENT POP STAR: With a straw […]

Fest Focus: Little Feat

When Little Feat’s founding member and songwriting visionary Lowell George died in 1979, the seemingly permanent end of the band prompted Bonnie Raitt to say, “I miss Little Feat like […]

Night Crawl: OffBeat’s Annual Guide to Fest Life After Dark

Hey, hey, hey, it’s that time again. Hope y’all are well-rested when you arrive for Jazz Fest because with all the incredible music in town, you will be crawling on […]

Alex Chilton Lets Them Scream

Alex Chilton is strolling through the women’s clothing section of the Woolworth’s at Rampart and Canal, discussing astrology and rain coats. Astrology had come up a few moments ago at […]

Look at Snooks Eaglin Now!: On the Road Again

Late one foggy night many years ago, a night steeped in the lore of New Orleans R&B, a ’49 Studebaker barreled down a lonely road between Donaldsonville and New Orleans, […]

A (Most Unusual) Year in the Life of Deadeye Dick

Of the more than 100 Louisiana artists that released albums in 1994, none had a year like New Orleans guitar-pop trio Deadeye Dick. In 1994, the lives of Caleb Guillotte, […]

Searchin’ for Blues Jewels, New Orleans-Style

A quick glance at the blues of Jumpin’ Johnny Sansone, Andy J. Forest, Blues With A Feeling and N.O.B.D.   It’s time again to ask that question — where are […]

Rollin’ on the River with Stavin’ Chain

The blues-rock band revives the ghost of Muddy Waters while trying to not get washed away.   The members of Stavin’ Chain, who spike their rock with a generous portion […]