Another Artist Scores with Song on Evangeline Album; Nocentelli Quits Meters

If you don’t think that luck and timing count for as much as anything in the music business, talk to the members of Evangeline. “She’s A Wild One,” a song […]

Carnival Tales

Dave Malone “Mardi Gras is kind of like the ’60s,” says the Radiators’ Dave Malone. “If you remember it, you weren’t really there.” Thus, Dave’s recall of his hard-livin’ early […]

OffBeat Columnists Go AWOL for “48 Hours”; Lump Triumphs at Rock-A-Rama

Contrary to appearances, there was no Thanksgiving Day Massacre around the OffBeat offices. “Eye Music,” “Crescent City Bounce,” “Strictly Jazz,” “10 West” and all of our other regular columns will […]

Blues Festin’

A look back at the Mississippi Delta Blues Festival, the King Biscuit Blues Festival, and the Handy Awards.   A journey up Route 55 to fabled Highway 61 leads into […]

Deepest Blues

Journalist-turned-producer Robert Palmer tells the tale of how he found himself recording North Mississippi blues artists — persevering through lightning strikes and the idiosyncrasies of the region.   Robert Palmer […]

Livin’ Large: The Hard Life, Fast Times, and Golden Smile of J. Monque’D

It is a beautiful day in J. Monque’D’s neighborhood. You can’t quite see the Mississippi River from the door of his rented shotgun apartment, but you can feel the cool […]

James Hall Rising

With musical prowess, a natural flair for the dramatic and an intriguing first album, Hall and his band are the most promising unit on the local alternative scene.   The […]

John Campbell Remembered

John Campbell, the Shreveport-born slide guitarist and self-professed hoodoo man, hated going to sleep, for fear he would not wake up. “He didn’t like the day to end,” remembers his […]

TULBox on the Move; Notes on the Fluid, Stavin’ Chain and PJ Harvey

Supporters of WTUL’s TULbox live simulcasts need not fret that the college rock series has been dumped—it’s merely on hiatus. A Monday night fixture at Tipitina’s since 1988, the show […]

Jazz Fest ’93 Revisited

Michael Tisserand Who is the R&B diva making a surprise appearance in the gospel tent? What Canadian songstress is jamming with what New Orleans group? Which Beatle is performing with […]