Spare Parts July/August 1991

Greetings, gates, and welcome back to another heaping helping of Spare Parts. I just returned from New Yawk City and the Louisiana influences were all over the place. I caught […]

Spare Parts June 1991

Que pasa, neighbors! Welcome to Spare Parts, a new addition to OffBeat. I’ll be shamelessly plugging New Orleans musicians, artists, writers, business folks, clubs, record companies, actors, bartenders, go-go dancers…well, […]

Big Easy Blues

“It’s the home of the blues. This place here is the home, the foundation of jazz and blues.” It’s rather hard to contradict the 80-year-old dean of New Orleans blues, […]

NewsBeat October 1990

Of note this month: the Louisiana Jazz Federation kicks off Jazz Awareness Month in October with events all month long, including performances at the Contemporary Arts Center, clubs around town, […]