A Musical Collage for Carnival

The cover photo shoot, by participant: Rik Slave sang “We Are the World.” Fred LeBlanc bit Irma Thomas’ knee. Irma laughed at Fred. George Porter, Jr. ended up being late […]

Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble, The Sky Is Crying (Epic)

Everyone knows that rock is largely derivative. True artists go to the trouble to reinvent what they borrow (see much of the Led Zeppelin catalog, for instance). Stevie Ray Vaughan […]

Hammond and Nauman Scott: The Blues Brothers

It’s the early morning hours in a smoky hole-in-the-wall dive. Inside, a raw, barebones blues band digs into a deep, gutsy groove and pours the soul over clanking beer bottles […]

Start the Year Off Right with OffBeat’s Guide to the Latest and Greatest

Out with the old, in with the new! Having had enough of the ’80s, we are well into the ’90s, and what’s happening? Quite a bit here in New Orleans, […]

Stuff We Liked in ’91

Everybody knows that year-end Top 10 lists are unfair (who, after all, has heard it all?), but we still love to read them. So we had the staff and a […]

Truly Alternative: And Now For Something Completely Different…

If I had a muffuletta for every band working out in New Orleans, I’d have my lunches covered until at least 1993. The following bands cover a musical spectrum from […]

New Orleans Rock: On the Scene

Before reading any further, stop to picture in your mind what you think of when you hear the words “New Orleans music.” I’ll wait. Now, what did you see? If […]

Spare Parts July/August 1991

Greetings, gates, and welcome back to another heaping helping of Spare Parts. I just returned from New Yawk City and the Louisiana influences were all over the place. I caught […]

Spare Parts June 1991

Que pasa, neighbors! Welcome to Spare Parts, a new addition to OffBeat. I’ll be shamelessly plugging New Orleans musicians, artists, writers, business folks, clubs, record companies, actors, bartenders, go-go dancers…well, […]

Big Easy Blues

“It’s the home of the blues. This place here is the home, the foundation of jazz and blues.” It’s rather hard to contradict the 80-year-old dean of New Orleans blues, […]