New Orleans Rock: On the Scene

Before reading any further, stop to picture in your mind what you think of when you hear the words “New Orleans music.” I’ll wait. Now, what did you see? If […]

Spare Parts July/August 1991

Greetings, gates, and welcome back to another heaping helping of Spare Parts. I just returned from New Yawk City and the Louisiana influences were all over the place. I caught […]

Spare Parts June 1991

Que pasa, neighbors! Welcome to Spare Parts, a new addition to OffBeat. I’ll be shamelessly plugging New Orleans musicians, artists, writers, business folks, clubs, record companies, actors, bartenders, go-go dancers…well, […]

Big Easy Blues

“It’s the home of the blues. This place here is the home, the foundation of jazz and blues.” It’s rather hard to contradict the 80-year-old dean of New Orleans blues, […]

NewsBeat October 1990

Of note this month: the Louisiana Jazz Federation kicks off Jazz Awareness Month in October with events all month long, including performances at the Contemporary Arts Center, clubs around town, […]