Look-Ka Py Py Podcast (ep 21): The Roots of Music, Marching Tall

In 2007, Rebirth Brass Band snare drummer Derrick Tabb founded the Roots of Music, a non-profit-based, after-school music education program that, in addition to tutelage, furnishes its attendees’ instruments. Soon after its inception, the Roots of Music set its sights on establishing a marching band. With overwhelming support from the city, Tabb and the program he started as a means to provide children with a positive alternative to the lure of the streets began attracting national attention. Derrick Tabb, Roots of Music, Elsa Hahne, photoIn 2009, the humble drummer was named one of CNN’s Heroes of the Year. In the time since, the program has continued to flourish. In December 2011, the Roots of Music was asked to participate in the distinguished Rose Bowl parade, an endeavor which would require the organization to raise $300,000.00. Following twelve months of hard work, the band reached its goal and proudly represented the Crescent City in the nationally televised parade on New Year’s Day. “It was one of the best experiences of my life,” says Tabb in this weeks episode of OffBeat’s Look-Ka Py Py Podcast. Have a listen below to hear the inspirational story behind the Roots of Music’s march to Pasadena as well Tabb’s plans for the future.