Look-Ka Py Py Podcast (ep 61): The Mind of Ratty Scurvics

“I catch myself writing about the same material a lot — the same subject matter: the end of the world, homicide, suicide, all of those lovely spirited subjects — so I decided, why not do a record where I get all of that out of my system.” says subversive rock ‘n’ roller Ratty Scurvics just seconds into this week’s episode of OffBeat’s Look-Ka Py Py Podcast. He’s referring to his latest album A Wooden Nickel on Fire, which, while as incendiary and as idiosyncratic as ever, departs from the grandiose theatricality Scurvics and his 15-piece ensemble, the Black Market Butchers, exhibited on 2011’s In Time. On his new album, the mysterious songwriter and composer accompanies his vocals with guitar, keyboard and drum parts. Only Scurvics’ hound, the Famous Mr. Cheeze, who contributes a timely howl here and there, joins the master in his mischief.

Ratty Scurvics, podcast photo

Tune in below to hear more about how A Wooden Nickel on Fire came together as well as what Ratty has in store for his next adventure, producing a hip-hop album…

  • kathyrus

    Genius Superstar u R Mr. Ratty- would you consider dedicating this album to Beef- He would have been 41 this weekend. Bless!