Rice Behind Bars

You don’t have to go to a Chinese restaurant to find delicious fried rice. Instead of paying $8 to $12 for a plate of shrimp fried rice at a sit-down restaurant, you can get a Styrofoam box full of this scrumptious dish for under $3 at many corner stores around the city.

By Jenny Sklar

Though I often brag about convenient store fare, many offer the lackluster cuisine you’d expect. I have spent years doing the dirty work researching the hidden gems and throwing out the trash, and before you head to one of the less desirable locations, check out Vicky’s Supermarket on Magazine Street at General Pershing.

Don’t let the barred windows scare you away. They cook up some incredible food, and it’s so affordable it’s practically free! Vicky’s serves three different types of fried rice: shrimp, chicken and ham, all fresh when you order it. Unlike many other corner stores, nothing sits in a warmer or on a hot plate. The quality of the ingredients is only marginally better at restaurants, and the size of the shrimp is the only really noticeable difference. Vicky’s adds a good amount of egg and vegetables to their rice, making it a filling and more nutritious entree or side.

One of my favorite aspects of Vicky’s is its fried rice/french fry option. Instead of getting your sandwich, burger, or po-boy with fries, you can substitute fried rice for the same price. Though hot sausage and fried rice may sound like a strange combo, it can really hit the spot.

  • Jerry Colburn

    great place for take-out…and super cheap like you said