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Most of My Favorite Local Records of 2012

Reading the lists and catching some flak made me itch to put my own preferences down. What follows is necessarily incomplete because I can’t even pretend to listen to everything […]

Jazz Fest First-Timers Take Note

One of our readers, “Coach,” wrote us with his Jazz Fest guide for first-timers. Here it is. If you’ve got additions or other ideas that Coach may have missed, let […]

Love You Guys!

As most of you know, we just wrapped up our 2010 Best of the Beat Awards on Friday night. When the awards started, the one thing we really wanted to […]

The Weekend’s Highs and Lows

The Highs: – Otis Taylor’s version of “Hey Joe” during the Crescent City Blues and BBQ Festival Saturday. Don Vappie played banjo with Taylor throughout the set and played a […]

How Can You Explain New Orleans?

Have had a few people talk to me about my blog last week, about the Colorado gentleman who experienced some “effects” from Hurricane Katrina—the humidity went up. Of course we […]

Austin Calling

When the day is done, I’m off to Austin for South by Southwest. It’s a long drive, which I’ll likely spend speeding through a collection of songs by showcasing bands […]