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Know One and DamNathan, Soundtrack: The Ballad of Know One & DamNathan (Media Darling Records)

Local progressive rapper Know One and producer DamNathan have shared a 10-year working relationship that helped beget the Media Darling Records indie hip-hop collective. For the last five years, they’ve bobbed and weaved between various other projects while continuously working on Soundtrack: The Ballad of Know One & DamNathan, a deep and adventurous record. The [...]

The Other Planets, Hello Beams (Attention Spaniel Records)

Jazz-rock band the Other Planets are among New Orleans’ most capable, heavy musicians. You’re never sure what to expect from the band’s ambitious, multi-instrumental live shows, given the Planets’ penchant—almost fetish—for quick evolution. Even better are the band’s four albums that, starting with Discreet Manipulations, cut away the jamming to concentrate on a group of [...]

Ratty Scurvics’ Vagabond Heart

“I was playing with this band, Coprolingus: a lotta noise, a lotta drums, almost like Stockhausen with [mumble mumble]…” Master musician Ratty Scurvics is overly soft-spoken but his pretty eyes hold mine as he recalls, “Rod Stewart was coming to town and we were hired to be his backup band. We didn’t know any of [...]