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…And We All Had A Real Good Time!

The staff is just now coming down from the high we all get at the Best of The Beat Awards. All of us work like dogs preparing for the Business […]

I’m a Member of the Krewe of Cos

Cosimo Matassa is a legend. He’s one of the creators of the “New Orleans Sound,” and his engineering expertise was as influential as anyone, including the people who actually made […]

Voting and Anarchy

Maybe anarchy is the way to go. I heard this morning—and it’s all over the news—that our Congress’s approval rating has dropped to nine percent. Nine percent. That’s down from […]

Grammys Nix Cajun Zydeco, and a lot more

After the many years of hard work and politicking to establish a “Cajun-Zydeco” category at the Grammys, NARAS (National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences—the organization that presents the Grammys) […]

Love You Guys!

As most of you know, we just wrapped up our 2010 Best of the Beat Awards on Friday night. When the awards started, the one thing we really wanted to […]