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J.R. Fields and Blackfire Revelation

“I’m basically a ’70s blues rocker,” says J.R. Fields while closing his Truck Stop Clothing Co. for the night. “Anything that took blues and made it ultra-heavy and loud as hell—that’s what I dig.” Fields’ personal preferences are on display on the self-titled Blackfire Revelation LP, recently released on his Southern Reconstruction label. Initially written [...]

Blackfire Burns Again

It’s a Friday afternoon and J. R. Fields is preparing to close Truck Stop Clothing Co. for the night. Fields owns and operates the store on Magazine Street, where he has created a southern blues rock atmosphere. Vintage denim, leather, boots, trucker caps and belt buckles are scattered throughout, all complemented by a Kegerator tucked [...]

Interview with John Fields of Blackfire Revelation

“While many artists would coast the middle of the road in mediocre lyrics and unassuming chords, Blackfire Revelation treated the dividing line like the Plague. One must have an opinion of the soulful rock ‘n’ roll of the Blackfire Revelation.” So reads the bio of this two-person, New Orleans hard rock revival. Mindful of his [...]