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…And We All Had A Real Good Time!

The staff is just now coming down from the high we all get at the Best of The Beat Awards. All of us work like dogs preparing for the Business […]

Photos of the Day: Ben Sollee at Parish at House of Blues

Photographer Erika Goldring shot folk cellist Ben Sollee last night at the House of Blues’ Parish. Here are a couple of the highlights:

Did We Have an Eclipse?

I just saw the New York Times‘ Jazz Fest slideshow, and was it really that dark? Or did the photo editors artificially darken the backgrounds to make the shots more […]

Treme: My Pictures!

[This is the first in a series of blog posts dealing with HBO’s Treme. We get enough email with Treme-related stories that we’ve decided to run some of them, along […]

A Basic Question Answered

Why do some bands get attention and others don’t? One of the simplest things those who feel shunned can do is have a print quality photo (a jpg that’s 300 […]