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Treme S4 E3: Those Bells Are Tolling For Us All

In season four of the HBO series Treme the narrative force of this post-Katrina epic is dwindling along with the fortunes of its characters. Death and failure weave through the […]

Treme S4 E2: Death’s Grip On New Orleans

HBO’s New Orleans-based drama Treme is down to its final three episodes. The action is picking up dramatically as story lines resolve with Shakesperian suddenness and finality. Those of us […]

Treme Blog: Lolis Eric Elie Returns …

…to opinion writing with “Fact and Fiction in Treme,” the debut post in HBO’s new Inside Treme blog. For those of us who’ve been covering Treme since the start, the […]

A Special Place in Hell

The BP oil disaster has revealed failed humans by the score, but it takes a special kind of wretchedness to try to capitalize on the oil gushing out of control […]

Parts of the Problem

I fear that people don’t take environmental issues seriously until they’re in their own backyard as the Deepwater Horizon disaster is in ours. For example, who here knew about the […]

Treme News: Davis on Davis’ Episode

At 17dots.com, Davis Rogan is blogging about the music on Treme. Here’s his commentary on Sunday’s episode, which he co-wrote with the late David Mills. In the post, Rogan alludes […]

Jazz Wars: Pt. IV – Let’s Do it Again

In a YouTube video that’s obviously at least partially tongue-in-cheek, Jason Marsalis warns against the crop of young jazz musicians that he dubs “Jazz Nerds International”: [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HN5xyZvMjJc[/youtube] Not surprisingly, he […]

The Sound of Power

There’s no saving Raw Power. David Bowie’ 1973 mix of the Stooges’ classic has never been loved – too wimpy – and in 1990, Iggy “remixed” the album, turning everything […]

Treme News: It’s a “Shame”

Here in the office, managing editor Joseph Irrera has been obsessed with the Davis McAlary (Steve Zahn) version of Smiley Lewis’ “Shame Shame Shame” from episode 5 of Treme. We […]

Treme News: Peters on Lambreaux

Mardi Gras Indians are being introduced to much of the country through Treme, but Clarke Peters had an idea what he was getting into when he signed on to play […]