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Introducing A New OffBeat Blog from John Swenson

We’re pleased to let you know that our consulting editor and long-time contributor to OffBeat, John Swenson, will now be writing a regular blog on OffBeat.com. John is the author of The New Atlantis: Musicians Battle for the Survival of New Orleans, and Swenson’s account of musicians returning to New Orleans after Katrina, The Bands Played On, appeared [...]

Treme: The End of Shooting Season Three

On David Simon’s blog, he reflected on the wrap of shooting for season three of Treme with a tally sheet. Here are a few of the highlights: Number of episodes filmed:  10 Number of shooting days:  113 for first unit, plus 10 days of second unit or splinter unit shooting. Number of New Orleans restaurants [...]

Times-Picayune Plans to Cut Staff and Publication Days

I had thoughts on the twilight of American Idol based on Ann Powers’ excellent analysis, but the news about changes at The Times-Picayune jumps in front. According to Gambit, The New York Times broke the story that the T-P is going to shift its thrust to Nola.com, cut the print edition to three days a [...]


The movie shooting outside on Frenchmen Street finally wrapped for the day. They told us we couldn’t venture outside this afternoon as they were shooting in front of our building, and they’d be finished on Saturday, so it’s been a rather frustrating day. It’s been especially annoying since I have literally spent the entire freaking [...]

YouTube du Jour: Supagroup

Tonight, OffBeat‘s All-Madden football blogger Chris Lee and Supagroup play the Free Friday show at Tipitina’s with Brah and the Happy Talk Band. Here’s the band’s video for “What’s Your Problem?” from Supagroup’s self-titled album.

The Ties that Bind

When the Major League Baseball owners withheld a nearly $8 million payment to the players’ union’s pension and benefit plan in 1994, it provoked the strike in 1994 and did damage to baseball’s relationship to fans that it has never entirely recovered from. All the ephemeral, social and metaphorical overlays that made baseball resonant were [...]

Who Says Poetry’s Dead?

Back on the Bike

In 2008, Carrie Brownstein wrote a blog post for her NPR blog Monitor Mix expressing her hostility for her iPod’s shuffle feature: For one, most of us don’t like the notion of random, even when the choices presented to us are culled from our own collections. It’s like if there were a robot randomly selecting [...]

The Weekend’s Highlights

Friday – The New Orleans Bingo! Show had an unprecedented five “winnahs” and had to settle the tie with a Robot Dance-Off. Most contestants had sad robot dance moves, though a grade school teacher made her students proud when she broke out real robot moves to simulate head on Ronnie Numbers. The winner was a [...]

Fela Needs You to Complete Him

Felamania is gripping America – or maybe it just has the country in a loose, friendly grasp, but his albums are being reissued and the Broadway play Fela! continues in New York City. Now you can be a part of this not-exactly-a-groundswell-but-more-than-a-tremor and remix Fela. At Indaba  Music, musicians and fans can download the tracks from [...]