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Too Much Reverence? Or Just Reverent Enough?

There’s a lot to like about Chimes of Freedom – the Amnesty International benefit album with more than 70 covers of Bob Dylan songs. Its sprawl means that artists have […]

Always More Bob

At this point, it feels a little obsessive to scrutinize yet another Bob Dylan show. Still, it’s hard not to because there’s always something there worth thinking about afterwards, even […]

A Seasonal Desk-Clearing

This may continue into next week, but I’ve got CDs here that I had the best intentions of writing about but never made it to somehow, starting with: Bob Dylan: […]

Before it Was Trendy

Shaggy beards seem to be very in, but Steve Earle – who we saw yesterday on Frenchmen as part of the Treme shoot – has been rocking one for a […]

Bob on Bob

In the new issue, I reviewed Bob Dylan’s Christmas in the Heart, which I think has received a lot of cheap negative reviews based on the simple premise that it’s […]

Writing about Writing

When Hurricane Katrina leveled Peter Holsapple’s house, he left town and hasn’t been back nearly often enough. He has, however, been blogging on songwriting for The New York Times. In […]

I’m Not There continued

More Dylan incarnations: “Down in the Basement” by Sloan on Parallel Play, which turns one musical line from “Subterranean Homesick Blues” and literalizes the phrase to make it about domesticity […]

Read Bob, not Miley

At “Clap, Clap,” Mike Barthel has an interesting essay on Miley Cyrus that dovetails nicely on my thoughts on I’m Not There. He wrote: If the construction of character through […]

I’m Not There

I saw I’m Not There at a press screening with a handful of people. Not surprisingly, Dylan fans loved it, but those who were just there to see a movie […]