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Photos: French Quarter Fest Second Line Parade on Bourbon Street

The French Quarter Fest got off to a great start this morning with the annual second line parade down Bourbon Street and into Jackson Square. Brass bands, marching groups, second line dancers, and an assortment of colorful French Quarter characters all helped officially kick off French Quarter Fest 2014 in grand style. Hundreds of tourists [...]

Whilst in London

I didn’t advertise it—I have learned my lesson from hearing about people who were burglarized when they announced their travel plans on Facebook—but last week at this time I was in London. We were paying a visit to my stepdaughter, her partner and our two-month-old grandchild. It’s difficult to have family in a location that’s [...]

Southern Decadence
Heats Up This Weekend

In 1972 a bunch of guys decided to throw a hell of a going-away party for a friend who was leaving New Orleans. They chose “Southern Decadence” as their theme and instructed guests to dress as their favorite decadent Southerner. The next year a parade was added, and among those marching were guys dressed as [...]

Bourbon Street Needs a Re-Do

I’ve been thinking about Bourbon Street. Yesterday I received a visit from Professor Nestor Regino, who came by the office to present me with a copy of a report he had prepared on New Orleans post-Katrina. Nestor and I had visited—and he had interviewed me—in 2009, when he was working on the report. He also [...]

YouTube du Jour: New Orleans in The Monster and the Stripper

While looking for some throwback YouTube clips from New Orleans, we came across this gem: an introduction to the 1968 b-to-the-extreme movie The Monster and the Stripper a.k.a. The Exotic Ones, made by Nashville’s “first family of film”, the Ormonds. The movie’s about a swamp monster (played by rockabilly singer Sleepy LaBeef) captured by a [...]

Nasimiyu Knows the Rules Aren’t Real

Photo by Jason Albus. Nasimiyu stands sweating shoulder-to-shoulder in a mass of dancing strangers, bouncing to the triumphant rhythm of trumpets, trombones, sousaphones and stomping feet as a gang of brass musicians march down weathered streets. She waves her arms in the air, releases any pinned-up anxieties, and lets the collective beat pulse through her [...]

Festigals: A Fete for Females

The all-women, all-pampering FestiGals is back at the Hotel Monteleone. The four-day festival kicks off on Thursday, June 21. This is a “one-of-a-kind series of events,” says FestiGals founder Diane Lyons. “CEOs, soccer moms, and retirees will unite to celebrate life, laughter, and womanhood…in a city where food, fun and fabulousness run rampart around every [...]

YouTube du Jour: Adventures in Mardi Gras

As YouTube has moved towards curating more original content, the community video site has partnered with various producers to create original “channels”. One of these partners is Bonnaroo, who launched the Bonnaroo 365 channel just after Jazz Fest. Like the Bonnaroo Festival, it’s a mix of music, comedy, and other “good stuff”—the channel’s overriding theme. [...]

Kipori Woods, Blues Gone Wild (Louisiana Red Hot Records)

Last year I was walking down Bourbon Street on my way to meet a friend when I was stopped in my tracks by a distinctive blues guitar sound. I walked into the club and there was Kipori Woods delivering a sleek, flashy solo that stood out from the rote-copy-band music of Bourbon Street like a [...]

More Than Just Festivals and Sports

This afternoon I was lucky enough to be able to leave the office and trek out to the Fair Grounds to take care of a little business. Oh what a gorgeous day! No clouds, cool temps, no humidity, sunshine and a breeze. It’s these days in New Orleans that not only make you glad you [...]