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My Morning Jacket Plays New Orleans

The buzz after My Morning Jacket’s set was their final covers – “Mother-in-Law,” “Carnival Time” (with Al “Carnival Time” Johnson onstage with them) and Curtis Mayfield’s “Move on Up.” You Ain’t No Picasso has good live mp3s of all three songs, though not the versions played at the festival. “Carnival Time” in particular muscles up [...]

Fake Dogs, Bellies, and Big-Ass Amps

Anyone who visits New Orleans during Carnival season will have a plethora of stories to pack their bags with and bring home. But for us locals who have been immersed in the traditional beads, booze, debauchery, king cake and Mardi Gras Mambo, our tales of Carnival experiences are unique. They’re similar to the tourists’ stories, [...]

Classic Songs of Louisiana: “Carnival Time”

“The Green Room is smokin’ and the Plaza’s burnin’ down, Throw my baby out the window, let those joints burn down, All because it’s Carnival time, It’s Carnival time, Oh well it’s Carnival time, Everybody’s havin’ fun.” —Al Johnson and Joe Ruffino Even in the heavy company of seasonal favorites like Professor Longhair’s “Go To [...]

Mardi Gras Music

Ah yes, it’s that time of year again in the ol’ Big Easy…a town where as soon as the Christmas decorations come down, the Mardi Gras decorations go up. A city where, during the first part of each year, a hanky isn’t for blowing your nose, and an umbrella does more than protect you from [...]