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Junior Wells’ Chicago Blues Band, Hoodoo Man Blues (Delmark Records)

For decades, this set has been considered one of the top 10 post-war blues albums. “Set” is a good way to describe Hoodoo Man Blues, as the original 1965 LP marked the first time a working Chicago blues band recorded a full studio album release (No 45s were issued). With Buddy Guy (guitar), Jack Myers [...]

Gregg Allman, Low Country Blues (Rounder Records)

Appropriately, on Gregg Allman’s first solo outing in over a decade, he’s chosen to record a CD that’s essentially a blues “tribute” album. To his credit, Allman sounds absolutely miserable here which, if you’re recording blues, is most beneficial. (He’s not the picture of contentment on the cover either.) Outside of one original, the rest [...]

Luther Allison, Songs from the Road (Ruff)

As great as the music is in New Orleans, and as lucky as we are that this city serves as a magnet for out-of-town music of all genres, it’s a shame Chicago’s Luther Allison never performed in New Orleans. Allison was a blues guitarist and singer of the highest order, and this live set from [...]

Various Artists, A Light on the South Side (Numero Group)

I won’t say who thought this looked like a pretty interesting Chicago blues anthology, but it’s pretty obvious they were wrong. Despite its south side origins, this is only marginally blues. Several song titles date this one—“I’m a Streaker,” “Women’s Lib,” “California Girl”—just as much as the overuse of wah-wah pedals, fuzz tones and distorted [...]

Henry Gray and the Cats, Times are Gettin’ Hard (Lucky Cat)

Scotlandville blues piano legend Henry Gray is one of those rare musicians—in the blues field they can be counted on one hand— whose style is instantly recognizable. Case in point is the intro on opening track “Trouble, Trouble” from his latest album, Times Are Gettin’ Hard. Now pushing 85—35 years ago the UK blues press [...]

A Different Shade of Blues

We call it “the blues”. It looks like the blues, and sometimes even sounds like the blues. But can the confluence of styles in New Orleans, the good time capital of the world, produce true blues? And if not, what mark has the blues left on area musicians? New Orleans: “Birthplace of the Blues.” Hmm. [...]