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The Log Ladies, Let’s Build a Myth Together (Independent)

The Log Ladies sprung up from the fertile soil of New Orleans’ improvisational/creative music scene (à la Blue Nile’s Open Ears Series). Comprised of guitarist Chris Alford, bassist Jesse Morrow, and drummer/poet Dave Cappello, the Log Ladies explore a wide variety of musical terrain on their debut album, Let’s Build a Myth Together, and succeed [...]

YouTube du Jour: Ige*Timer

Swiss/Italian improvised music duo Ige*Timer are in town for a series of shows starting tonight at the Open Ears Series upstairs at the Blue Nile. Simon Berz and Klaus Janek play a mix of electronic and natural instruments, and tonight they’ll be joined by trombone player Rick Trolsen and guitarist Chris Alford. Wednesday at 8 [...]

Will Thompson Quartet, WATIV (Independent)

Pianist/composer Will Thompson—William A. Thompson IV—first turned heads with his 2006 debut Baghdad Music Journal—a socially groundbreaking, musique concrete experiment he recorded while serving in the U.S. military in Iraq. Together with drummer Simon Lott, bassist Tommy Sciple, and guitarist Chris Alford, Thompson marks his return to civilian life with WATIV, a dense, emotional pilgrimage [...]